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Flower Genie® - Software for Amateur Gardeners
Download Link plus Licence. CD not supplied (but you can buy it separately to follow in the post - See Optional Extra 1 below)


  • Make your on-line payment (below)
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Flower Genie® - Software for Amateur Gardeners
Price includes Postage and Packing - anywhere!
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Extra Licence for Flower Genie®

  • This add-on applies only if you have purchased Flower Genie (using
    options 1 or 2 above)
  • Useful if you have a desktop computer AND a laptop, or a server.
  • The Licence is delivered by email
    You do NOT get an extra CD with this option.
    7.99 GBP




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Master Database - for use with software developed by ideasforgardens.com
A reference resource on DVD, with over 36,000 plants and over 2000 photos.
Thousands of these plants will be suitable for your region or zone. They are cross-referenced to Gardeners from many countries who actually grow these plants.(e.g. users of our software from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and more)
You can browse plants and photos AND copy plants and photos from this DVD using Flower Genie.
We stop short of calling it an encyclopedia.
A very useful resource. Contains photographs by ideasforgardens.com, and those contributed by users.
Its offered at a very affordable price to cover Production + P&P as we want all users to have a copy of this, and to contribute to its success.
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Optional Extra 1
Postage & Packing
Ive bought a download. Now I’d like a CD
Use this option if you have already paid for a Licence using Option 1 or Option 3 and wish to have a CD delivered




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This software is developed to run on any  PC with a  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT operating system.
You’ll need approximately 30 mb for the installation. The system will grow as you add your own data.

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