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Flower Genie Screen Shots



The Program Selection screen
See Screenshot 1
The alternative interface
See Screenshot

Organizing plant names, plant photos and info (from Forums, the internet, Magazines and Books)
See Screenshot 2

Organizing plants in Garden Areas
with photos and info
See Screenshot 3

Adding a plant
You can type the name of a plant or paste the name of a plant into the Plant Name field.
These screenshots show how the Master Database helps when you type the name of a plant.
Screenshot 4a
Screenshot 4b
Editing a plant
Adding more information about the name of your plant.
You can use the Google button to do this.
You can add the information when Adding or you can Edit this screen at any time later to add more information.
Screenshot 4c

Editing a plant - Using the Checkboxes
Add, edit and delete the names of plants you like, and plants recommended by friends
See Screenshot 4d

Making virtual Gardens and Garden Areas (flower beds, borders)
Example: My own garden areas defined and arranged in order
See Screenshot 7
Editing a Garden Area. Note that you can have notes for each garden area (for reminders, Printouts etc)
See Screenshot 8

Linking Photos to a plant
Using the Plants and Gardens program.
You start by selecting a plant then find and link photos to it.
You can link the plant to a photo, video or to an internet photo.
See Screenshot 9a

Linking Photos after a random photoshoot session
Using the Quick Link Photos program
To begin, you find a photo on your disk, and decide whether it is a Garden Photo or a Plant Photo
See Screenshot 9b

Linking photos to plants
If you click on Plant Photo in the previous screen you get this screen.
See Screenshot 10
You can select “Get another plant”
Once the plant name matches the photo, click Link
Additional Note: You can rename the photo. Click on the Suggest button. Flower Genie derives a unique file name, based on the name of the plant you have selected. Click Rename

Linking photos to garden areas
If you click on Garden Photo above, you get this screen
See Screenshot 11
You then use the Gardener and Garden Areas pop-up to make a selection.
When you have matched the Gardener and Garden Area to the photo, click Link.

SEND plants and photos by e-mail
See Screenshot 12

GET Plants by email (from other Flower Genie users)
GET plants from our PLANT DOWNLOAD web site
See Screenshot 13



Its well worth a try and its at rock bottom price



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