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The features of this screen are discussed BELOW this photo (scroll down)

You enter this screen after selecting a plant from your own personal Flower Genie plants database.

Features of this screen.
You can:

  • link any number of photos to a plant
    You do NOT have to move or rename photos
  • automatically generate thumbnails of your photos
    The Flower Genie does this for you!
    In this screen we see that 17 images have been linked.
    Thumbnails of 15 of the 17 images are displayed in this screen.
    The navigation arrows allow the user to proceed to show images 16 and 17.
    Add as many as you like!
  • link the plant to a video
  • link the plant to to an internet photo.
  • shuffle the images into your preferred order
  • click on a thumbnail to show a larger photo (top right region of the screen)
  • click on that larger image to display the photo FULL screen
  • Edit or delete a link to an image


Flower Genie Home     Product Description    User Comments    About us      BUY Flower Genie
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