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Last updated: 7th March 2017


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1.Run program FG037

2. Plants mode

3. Exploring Plants

4. Full screen photo

5. Photo details

6. Disk Photos list

7. Web Photos list

8. Adding photos

9. Photos Index

10. Add Web Photos

11. Google results

12. Saving the URL

13. Select for Editing

14. Plant Profile

15. Large data

16. Hover for data

17. BUY Seed

18. Who sells this

19 Gardens mode

20. Garden Areas

21. Personalise

22. Make Gardens

23. Add to Garden

24. Slide show

25. Tips

26. Preferences


Using Flower Genie

Use the links in the left column to walk through a series of screenshots to help you enjoy the experience of exploring the downloaded Chiltern Seeds database using one of the programs in Flower Genie.
You can also use the Previous and Next buttons located at the bottom of each page to navigate through the screenshots

You can base your own garden on the plants in this database.
The screenshots will illustrate how to set up your own garden and add new plants and photos to the database.

Restrictions when not registered

  • You cannot add new plants to the database
  • You CAN edit in Panel 1 and save changes but you cannot edit and make changes in the Plant Profile screen
  • You CAN add Web Photos but you cannot add new Disk Photos
  • You cannot open another database
  • A message will  appear each time you start Flower Genie, informing you that Flower Genie is not registered.
    Simply click OK to proceed.



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