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Product Description



What is Flower Genie

Flower Genie is:



  • Software for Amateur Gardeners
  • for recording YOUR Plant Names, Gardens and Garden Areas
  • for saving plant information
  • for linking Photos to Plants
  • for linking internet Photos to Plants
  • for linking Photos to Garden Areas
  • for people who wish to record details gleaned from books and the internet
    e.g. on how to care for their plants.
  • suitable for people who are not familiar with botanical names for plants.
  • good for saving links to favourite web sites, organised by plant name
  • good for easily revisiting web sites.
  • designed to allow you to easily SEND plant details and photos by email.
  • perfect for forum users to share information
  • NOT technically demanding - and  and you WILL get help if you ask.
  • a powerful relational database system (don’t worry, that’s behind the scenes!)



Flower Genie now comes with a database of over 36,000 plant names to help you add YOUR plants
This is installed behind the scenes on YOUR computer.
It is used to provide predictive text as you add plants to Flower Genie.
These 3 screenshots demonstrate how it works:-
Screenshot 1     Screenshot 2    Screenshot 3

System requirements
Suitable for any computer running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT.
NEW: MAC users: Please enquire by email.

Using Flower Genie
See Screenshots

With Flower Genie you can:
View plants, gardens and photos on ANY Flower Genie database.
(Yes, you can explore ANY Plants database created by other users of the software!)
Copy plants from our Master Database of Plants and Gardens to your Flower Genie database on hard disc.
Transport data easily between computers. Read More

Will I get help if I'm stuck?
Yes.  We take pride in our personalized customer support, and we like to hear about your gardening.
You will be invited to participate in our exclusive Ideas Genie Community forum
Telephone and Skype details here

Options for buying Flower Genie:

1) Buy and install from CD
2) Buy as a download. 26mb file approx.
3) Buy as a download AND Buy a CD to follow in the post  Select Option 1 and Optional Extra 1

Note: Flower Genie has inbuilt restrictions until registered.
You are restricted to adding a maximum of 20 plants and photos.
You register Flower Genie using a licence key.

Getting a licence:
If you choose option 1) above, your Licence Key will be shown on the CD Case.
If you choose option 2) or 3) above, a Licence key will be emailed to you on receipt of payment.

If you wish to to use Flower Genie on a computer which HAS an internet connection:
You register Flower Genie on the internet using a special Flower Genie program

If you wish to use Flower Genie on a computer which DOES NOT HAVE an internet connection:
You can register by an exchange of emails (contact us for more information)



Its well worth a try, and its VERY reasonably priced



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