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From a long time user who tested the release of Flower Genie 4
By the way, I LOVE the garden thumbnails and being able to see them all at once.
Teri - Colorado USA

It's a great program - So far I've identified 50 of the 100+ plants in the garden, their names are now in, and now I'm going to enter their details.
Caryl - Wales

The first customer to place an order after downloading and evaluating was Edna from Florida. Heres Edna’s comments:
I downloaded and installed Flower Genie... and I think I'm going to like it. A lot!  I'm kinda like your IT students. I love plants and have been gardening for more years than I care to say but I don't know most of the plants' scientific names. I believe Flower Genie is going to be perfect for me until I get a bit more technically oriented.
Edna - Florida

Its particularly flattering to get a nice review fom a fellow programmer:
Thank you for this tool.  I am a .NET applications developer so I can appreciate how much time and effort goes into a tool like this.
Elizabeth - Alabama, USA

I love enthusiastic gardeners!
I am up and running and so excited....thank you so much!!
Judi - Colorado

(Judi then sent me a set of photos of her garden - terrific!)

OK, lets see now, who else... (just kidding Melissa)
When it comes to feedback, this lady is phenomenal!
Heres a short extraction from Melissa’s initial impressions of Flower Genie

I  see how to define a garden area so I click on that and fill in the information.
I see that this works just like IG, so I go to add a new plant to the database.
I open the correct program and click on 'add a plant'.
This takes me to a familiar looking screen where I easily negotiate adding the information for my new plant.
So I click 'add' and it takes me back to the initial screen.
Just exploring that page, I hit the Web Page button and am delighted to see that the website I bought the plant from comes up. Nice touch!
I am excited to see the 'plant photos' button, so I click it.
It takes me to another screen, where I see the Add a Photo button, which I then click.
I click on 'find a photo' and am thrilled to find that I can browse my hard drive and choose a photo.
I go back to the initial screen.
Went to 'configure your system' page. Very easy to accomplish, self-explanatory.
Still exploring the first page, I went to 'download flowers'. Again, very nice transition - immediate instructions about what this is and how to get help accomplishing this. Very nice.

Melissa, Washington State

As for SENDing plants by email, with photos as attachments, all from within the software, the historic date was 12th Jan 06.
There were plants a-flyin’ between André in Belgium, Chrissie in England and me in Ireland.
Now, after months of development, that was exciting!

Heres Chrissies web site.
She is well ahead of the pack with Flower Genie.
I converted her database to Flower Genie format. She is now sorting through hundreds of photos and linking them to her 1000+ plants. The final product? We’ve discussed that. If you’d like to reserve a copy of a REAL English garden on a Flower Genie style CD, why not visit Chrissies website and post a message on her Guest Book. We thrive on encouragement!

To be continued....

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