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Making your Flower Genie data portable

You can open another database using Flower Genie.

Normally, you work with your Flower Genie data on your hard disc.
You can also work with your Flower Genie data on a flash disc or any other portable read/write media.

Heres the scenario.
You have Flower Genie installed on your desktop computer at home.
You'd like your database to be portable between computers.
You have:
a)  a Laptop
b) you use a Desktop computer in another location - e.g. the office

What do you need?
Buy a nice little USB Flash Drive or Memory stick (or whatever you prefer to call it)
I would recommend at least a 512mb device.

The process
1) Create a folder on the Flash Drive called (e.g.) FGdata (using Windows Explorer or My Computer).
2) Do a backup to the folder on the Flash Drive (using the Backup program in Flower Genie)

Your Flower Genie data files are now mirrored on the Flash Drive.
They are read/write, meaning you can add, edit and delete data on the Drive, using Flower Genie.
You can access the data on the flash from any computer which has a licenced Flower Genie installation (we offer extra licences at reduced rates)

Heres just some of the options that presents.

Option A
As per the default installation, use your home Computer for your master files (on hard disc).
Backup after each work session to Flash
Transport the data on flash for viewing on Computer B

Option B
Use your Home computer for your master files.
Backup each work session to Flash
Transport the data on flash for viewing and further work on Computer B
When you get home, use the Flower Genie Restore program.
Update your Master by restoring the data from the Flash to your Home computer.

Option C
You can keep your live data files on the Flash.
When you unplug the Flash Drive from the computer, your live data comes with you.
Use the File>Open another database program to access the files on the Flash drive on any computer.
Dont lose that Flash Drive! Do regular backups.

Option D
Swap data with your friends, members of your Plant Society, etc.
Backup your database to Flash (or CD)
Swap discs with your fellow gardeners at Plant Society meetings, etc.
You and your friends can use the Flower Genie Open Another Database feature to view any database on Flash.

Flower Genie has a special program to allow you to backup your data files.
Flower Genie has a special program to allow you to RESTORE your data files, from backups.

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